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5 Interior Design Ideas To Personalise Your Home

A home customised to your aesthetic and needs is a reflection of yourself. That’s why Aperspective Interiors and its team of professional interior designers in Melbourne create interior design styles that mirror your interests, style, and personality.

Into DIY interior designing instead? Bring your vision to life with these 5 tips to make your home truly yours.

1. Customise Your Furniture

While any furniture can be functional, customised furniture is designed around your lifestyle, aesthetic, and home’s available space. For example, if you have issues with clutter, you can have custom furniture made with built-in storage solutions. These types of “multi-purpose furniture” are especially useful in tiny living. The most common types of furniture for customisation include sofas, desks, kitchen sets, and closets.

2. Use Consistent Colour Scheme and Patterns

Your colour scheme unifies and sets the atmosphere of your home. Light shades are usually used in living and dining rooms to make them look brighter, spacious, and more welcoming. On the other hand, dark shades are used in intimate spaces such as bedrooms to make it feel warm and cozy.

Meanwhile, patterns bring energy, depth, dimension, and direction to a space. If you want your floors and walls to look taller, use vertical prints; if you want to widen your space, use horizontal prints.

Patterns also make homes feel more personal because you can choose one that’s unique to your style. To create a more cohesive space, create a mood board with the colours and designs that speak to you. Interior design companies in Melbourne can also help you refine your vision and choose a palette that works for it.

3. Upgrade Lighting

Lighting matters because it sets the mood and creates an ambience. You can even use a combination of artificial and natural light sources to make the room brighter and appear bigger.

The lighting you should use depends on the room’s function and your desired decorative style. For instance, workspaces demand brighter lights, so you could incorporate both ambient lighting (e.g. windows) and task lighting (e.g. ceiling pendants, LED lights). For more decorative lighting, use stylish accent lights to highlight your favourite areas.

4. Maximise Empty Space

While white space is important to balance out your home’s decor, having too much of it means that you’re not effectively maximising your space. For example, blank walls can be improved both functionally and aesthetically by adding a few decorative shelves.

5. Fill Your Home With Personal Decorations

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel truly yours is to fill it with the knick-knacks, keepsakes, and art pieces you’ve accumulated over the years. This is a great opportunity to showcase your interests and life story – some of these items may even make for great conversation starters for when you have guests over.

However, excess decorations could make your home look cluttered, especially if you live with other people who have their own things to display. Hiring commercial interior designers in Melbourne can create beautiful and functional spaces that work for everyone.


When you decorate your home, you’re not only improving how it looks or works – you’re also improving how it feels to live in. By paying attention to furniture, colour, lighting, space, and decor, you can transform your home into something truly yours.

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