About Us


My Name is Adrianna currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I moved here in 2013 and originally from the Tijuana/San Diego border. I am a aspiring eclectic interior designer with a passion for comfort, wellness and awareness.

The intention of APERSPECTIVE is to help you create that perfect space for you as well as to help understand the reasoning behind why items can help you feel your best, true, inspirational  and comfortable self.

You know that place where you are so happy with your surroundings that you get to feel amazing within yourself?

That one.

So, I decided to create an online store that helps you learn that just by adding simple pieces to your space, it can help you create a more calmness and relaxing home without spending loads of money on fancy designers or overrated products.

I believe it is important to create these spaces/places of happiness and comfort, as well as treating yourself with your own "self love" space.

Therefore, I invite you to check out this store/creative space.

Our catalogue contains a few unique, pretty and special pieces you can add to your home that helps you feel comfortable and relaxed.

with a mindfulness intention to create comfort, wellness and awareness.

Love xx