Balance as a principle in interior design

Balance as a principle in interior design

Its important to keep a visual and physical balance in a room when it comes to interior styling and décor.

 Balance can be presented in symmetrical, asymmetrical, radial and mosaic form.

Art Noveau style allows us to appreciate the various forms of balance. It is considered the original style of the 20th century. This type of art was not inspired by the past.  Art Nouveau translates from French as “new art”.  

It is distinguished by its elongated, organic flowing curvature lines, exotic wood, stained glass, organic architecture and asymmetrical balance. This style invites a combination of unlike pieces to a space while maintaining visual harmony creating a balance.

As we can observe in the stairway of the hotel Tassel by Architect Víctor Horta, there's is a visual balance between the staircase and the art design from the wall creating a sort of substance and balance between a defined structure and the open space. It’s colourful curved lines and mosaic texture of the floor allow for continuation to give a sense of decoration without furniture. 

See if you can identify Balance in your space!

Adrianna Sandoval