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Colores/Color/Colour & Interior Design.

Colour is “an international visual language understood by all when trying to communicate or transmit something through interior design”- Stefan, founder of

During the Rococo period colour was used to promote a style change, a new look and a new era. Following from the death of Louis XIV in 1715 where the Baroque era was all about harsh, heavy deep colours to represent status. The Rococo era started to become softer in every various ways.

The colours became softer and more delicate. Art became more feminine and flirtatious.

Colour can express an idea, a belief, or an emotion, and has the ability to make us feel a certain way. In interior design it’s also  important to understand the various colour schemes to attract the feeling intended.

Colour is important as it can make a room feel a certain way and make people feel a certain type of lifestyle.


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