Creative Ideas for Styling Your Side Tables in Australia

Side tables are more than only functional furniture pieces; they are essential elements of home decor that can elevate the style and ambience of any room. Whether used to hold a lamp, display decor items, or provide extra storage, side tables enhance the overall look and feel of a space. 

In this blog, you will uncover the importance of side tables in home decor and provide you with a brief overview of the content.

Choosing the Perfect Side Table

When selecting the perfect side table for your home, several factors must be considered. The first step is to determine the style and theme of your decor. Different types of side tables, like vintage bedside tables, decorative lighting, dining tables, and table lamps, are suitable for various decor styles. For example, a vintage bedside table may complement a more traditional decor, while a modern table lamp may suit a contemporary space.

Essential Elements for Styling

Create a cohesive and stylish look by incorporating essential elements like proper lighting, greenery, and personal touches. Lighting is crucial for creating ambience, so choose lamps or lights that complement your decor style. Adding greenery, like plants or flowers, can add a fresh and natural touch to your side table. Adding personal touches, like family photos or unique decor items, can add character and personality to your space.

Theme-Based Styling Ideas

Theme-based styling is a creative approach to designing spaces that revolve around a central concept or theme, allowing for a cohesive and engaging environment. Here are some ideas to inspire your next project:

  1. Rustic Charm: Embrace natural materials like wood and stone, with neutral colours and vintage elements. Add distressed furniture, woven textures, and farmhouse-inspired decor for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

  2. Coastal Breeze: Opt for light blues, whites, and sandy tones. Incorporate driftwood, seashells, and nautical accents like ropes or anchors. This theme brings the relaxing vibe of the beach into your home.

  3. Industrial Chic: Use raw, unfinished materials like exposed brick, metal, and concrete. Add bold, edgy decor with a focus on functionality. This theme is perfect for creating a modern, urban feel.

  4. Bohemian Vibes: Mix vibrant colours, patterns, and textures for a lively, eclectic look. Include tapestries, macramé, and ethnic-inspired decor to enhance the free-spirited ambience.

Each theme offers a unique way to express your style and create a space that feels like home.

DIY Decor Projects for Side Tables

For those looking to add a personal touch to their side tables, consider heading on some DIY decor projects. Handmade coasters or trinket dishes can add a unique and personal touch to your side table. Upcycling old decor items can not only add a personalised touch but also help reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Seasonal Styling Tips

To keep your side table decor fresh and relevant throughout the year, consider incorporating seasonal styling tips. For example, in the spring, you can refresh your side table with floral arrangements and pastel hues. In the winter, you can create a cosy ambience with warm textures and seasonal accents.

Incorporating Art and Books

Art and books can add depth and character to your side table decor. Consider choosing and displaying art pieces that complement your decor style. Creatively organising and displaying books can add visual interest to your side table.

Utilising Space Efficiently

In small spaces, it's essential to utilise space efficiently. Consider multi-functional decor items that serve a practical and decorative purpose. Storage solutions that blend style and functionality can help keep your side table organised and clutter-free.

Australian Influences in Side Table Decor

To add a touch of Australian flair to your side table decor, consider incorporating indigenous art or motifs. Drawing inspiration from Australian flora and fauna can add a unique and natural touch to your decor.

Maintenance and Refresh Tips

Keeping your home in top condition requires regular maintenance and periodic refreshing. Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Schedule weekly cleanings to maintain cleanliness and order. Dust, vacuum, and mop to keep spaces fresh.

  2. Seasonal Deep Cleans: Dedicate time to deep cleaning each season. Focus on often-overlooked areas like windows, baseboards, and behind appliances.

  3. Routine Inspections: Check plumbing, electrical outlets, and roofing for signs of wear. Early detection of issues can prevent costly repairs.

  4. Update Décor: Refresh your space with simple changes like new throw pillows, updated wall art, or fresh paint.

  5. Outdoor Maintenance: Maintain your garden, gutters, and exterior surfaces. Regular care keeps your home's curb appeal intact.


Styling your side table is a fun and creative way to enhance the look and feel of your home. You can create a stylish and inviting space by incorporating essential elements like proper lighting, greenery, and personal touches. For inspiration and high-quality decor pieces, consider exploring Aperspective. Whether you prefer a coastal vibe, minimalist elegance, or vintage charm, there are endless possibilities for styling your side table to suit your decor style.


How do you accessorise a side table?

  • Consider adding items like lamps, vases, candles, or decorative objects to accessorise a side table that complement the style and theme of your room. You can also incorporate personal items like photos or souvenirs to add a personal touch.
How do you spruce up a side table?

  • To spruce up a side table, consider adding a table runner or a decorative cloth to add texture and colour. You can also add a plant or flowers to bring a fresh element to the table. Adding a decorative tray can also help organise items and create a cohesive look.
How can I make my bedside table look nice?

  • To make your bedside table look nice, consider keeping it clutter-free and organised. Use a few carefully chosen items like a lamp, clock, or a small stack of books. Adding a plant or a decorative object can also add visual interest.
How to decorate a side table in a living room?

  • When decorating a side table in a living room, consider the overall style and theme of the room. Use items that complement the existing decor, like a matching lamp or a decorative bowl. You can also add personal items like family photos or a favourite book to add a personal touch.