Rhythm and Repetition as a Principle in Interior design - aperspective

Rhythm and Repetition as a Principle in Interior design

Rhythm and repetition are of the main principles within  interior design. These focus on the overall movement and pattern of a room. There are many ways to find and create these in the interior design world, we can use the architecture, colors, lines, texture, light , shapes, forms, etc. 

The Art Deco period is known for its unique style of  visual  rhythm and movement.  During this “modern movement” they used modern objects that were more clean shaped.

Designers used “machine like” materials like steel, chrome, silver  creating symmetrical and geometrical  look, also using line as a form to express repetition.

They used lines to accentuate its style and  architecture for the design to create what is now know as “Art  Deco Visual drama” For example: The lobby of the atrium of Peace Hotel in Shanghai  (see picture) using a strong architecture room accentuating it with a  specific pattern of lines, colors and textures from floor ceiling and windows these coming together and making it more elegant promoting a  feeling of  power, wealth and elegance.

Hopefully this helps you see how you can apply this principle at home!