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Texture and Interior Design.

Texture could be best described by the type of “feel” or “look” one object can have when we touch or see. These “feel’s” can be presented in various forms such as smooth, rough, hard, soft, woven, lumpy, rigged, etc. 


The Baroque style era was all about texture being extravagant and luxurious. The furniture, wall décor (wood paneling, motifs and figures), fabrics, chandeliers, Flooring (with patterns, shapes and lines), carpets were all of the most exaggerated taste. Altogether, with intricate detail, in the same room included strong colors. 


This era was during the 17th century under the reign of Louis the XIV. Baroque furniture was founded in France when designers began to build very elaborate and detailed furniture made for the monarchy.


The Palace of Versailles’s Throne room is a good example of all of the textures coming together to create a room of greatness with velvet seats, exaggerated motifs and gold ceiling's.

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