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Space & Interior Design.

Space is one of the most important elements of interior design as it is the available space or the blank canvas area we will have to create a room.

 This element is divided by positive and negative space.

Positive space being the size of the object vs the room area.

Negative space being the room area vs object.

 The Bauhaus movement focused on maximizing space usage and was inspired after WWI, created in Germany from 1919-1933. The overall idea was to create simplicity and practicality. This is why the Bauhaus movement allow us to understand space.

 It was one of the first time designers started to create furniture focused on the economic situation at the time and allowing for mass production of furniture. Thus, giving everyone the opportunity of a new system of living.

Made of steel and see-through furniture it was easy to appreciate more space in a room.

PHOTO- Dessau Bauhaus/Walter Gropius Museum Germany. 


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