Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak
Cielo TV Cabinet Oak

Cielo TV Cabinet Oak


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Product Description:  

Timeless Look
Traditional elegance meets modern charm with the Cielo TV Cabinet. Made from natural wood like MDF, this TV Cabinet has a timeless look that will stand out in any living room. It not only just looks like wood but also in no way inferior to it. MDF also has an even density throughout and is smooth on both sides. So you are getting all wood like facilities in a much cheaper price.

Ample Storage Space
The entertainment unit comes with two drawers for stowing your accessories along with your entertainment consoles. Besides the drawers, it also has storage shelves. Spacious yet discreet design accommodates both LCD and Plasma screens and most AV equipment, including set-top box, DVD/Blu-ray player, games consoles, DVDs, CDs etc. You can also use the shelves as display corners to enhance the look of your living room.

Smooth Functioning
The drawers operate with the help of metal slide rail.The biggest benefit of metal drawer slides is their exceptionally smooth sliding motion. This is due to the use of wheels and ball bearings which allow the drawer to slide in and out with very little friction.

Firm Support
Aesthetic Pole Legs make the TV Cabinet strong and sturdy and also keep it a bit high from the ground which enables you to clean away the dirt and dust underneath the table.

Key Features:

? Natural Wood like MDF Board
? Strong and Sturdy Construction
? 3 Drawers and Storage Tiers
? Metal Slide Rail on Drawers
? Elevated with Pole Leg
? Step By Step Assembly Instruction Manual

?Product Specifications:

? Product Dimension: L-180 x W-40 x H-48.6cm
? Box Dimension: L-185.5 x W-46.2 x H-11.7cm
? Product Weight: 43kg
? Weight Capacity: 100kg
? Box Weight: 45kg
? Packaging Type:Mail

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